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Kristian Young

Director + Editor // Musician.

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Taking a leap in the grade…

My latest Directorial project for Newcastle up and comers 'Crooked Hands'  saw a cast and crew of 14 take to the rails with an almighty rail bound dolly and RED cinemas wonderful Scarlet camera.

Taking a leap into the unknown and armed with a handful of tutorials from Foundation Content’s colourist Ryan Stemple, myself and fellow northerner Harry Jenkinson took the reigns on Da Vincis wonderfully cheap ( £0.00 ) Resolve 9 interface.

Moving from software like Magic Bullet Colourista / Apple Colour to Da Vinci feels similar to ditching my 2006 1.0 litre Vauxhall Agila and hopping into a DB9. Insanely accurate motion tracking for masking, highly sensitive keying and an interface that feels as powerful as it does slick. 

Our first attempt with the project is coming within the next few days, and although admittedly complete Da Vinci novices, and using only a fraction of the power of Da Vinci’s full package (particularly lacking its console functionality), we learned a hell of a lot - bring on the next one.

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